Tutorial-FEM Setup and Analysis of the Parametric Model


This tutorial is a continuation of the work made in the previous tutorial, Parametric Bulkhead Creation in NX Siemens. It’ll demonstrate how to perform a finite elements method (FEM) structural analysis on the model designed previously.

1-Go to advanced simulation.

2-On the simulation navigator click the hull_new file (the one modified in the first tutorial), right click it, click New FEM and Simulation

3-Keep the default options on the 2 next windows.

4-To start the meshing be sure to be on this window:

5-Select the whole body and use ‘Stitch Edge’.you need to change geometry to stitch, set it to ‘both’, then press OK.

6-Select 2D Mesh. Select all the surfaces, use CQUAD8 and use automatic element size (this can be changed latter for a better analysis, but longer processing time).

7-Select Physical Properties, then choose the PSHELL 1, which is the mesh created, and click edit.

8-Choose Material. Set it to steel. Then set the default thickness to 20.

9-Move up one session.

10-Open the expressions menu, click on create multiple interpart expressions, select the hull_new, choose the main dimensions, click the + button and then ok.

11-And select the Hydrostatic Pressure as the Load type.

12-On specify vector select point dialog; set the z to ‘depth’. Make sure the vector is pointing down from this point, this will define the waterline and the direction where the pressure will increase.

13-Select only the hull, not the bulkheads, for the application of the pressure. Press OK.

14-Go to constraint types, select fixed constraint and select edges of the hull as shown, don’t constrain the bulkheads or the hull edges on the X direction (make sure the polygon edge filter is on):

15-The final model.

16. Now the model can be solved.


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