Animated Linear Roll + Heave Ship Model (6DOF Model)

by Thiago G. Monteiro, Jiafeng Xu and Henrique M. Gaspar
(hega @, v0.1, Nov 2015.
A Ship Design and Operations Lab App.


Length Waterline




Block Coefficient :


Time Span

Linear Resist. Coef. [m/s]

Roll Lin. Damp. Coef.[kgm2/s]

Initial Heave. [m]

Initial Roll. [rad]

Initial Pitch. [rad]

Name X position (m) Y position (m) Z position (m) Mass (kg) Length (m) Height (m) Width (m)
Body 1 5 4 5.5 300000 1 1 1

- A barge like vessel is floating on the still water surface, the motion, induced wave and added mass effect is neglected
- It's calculated a time series of linear roll and heave, with three degress of freedom (x, y and rad)
- Model is considered stable (GM > 0), and Roll ressonates when GM < 0
- Block Coefficient is used in calculations, but not plotted in the transversal and longitudinal animations
- The body fixed reference frame is located at the geometric center of the vessel

Animation and Plots :